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December 30th.. Bobby Hull  the "Golden Jet" was one of Chicago's greatest athletes. During his career Bobby earned the Hart Trophy two time & the Art Ross Trophy three times. In 1983 he was named to the NHL Hall of Fame. He was the 1st player to score 50 goals (1961) & along with teammate Stan Makita was the 1st player to use the curved stick. Can you tell us what is Bobby's middle name & what nickname was his brother Dennis Hull known by?? Answer Posted!!

December 23rd..  Can you tell us the name of the one MLB player who played in both the 1945 Cubs vrs Tigers & 1959 White Sox vrs Dodgers   World Series??  Answer posted!!!  

December 16th.. Ted Kluszewski, a major factor in the 1959 Chicago White Sox Championship team was born & raised in Chicago. Can you tell what high school "Big Klu" played for & also what MLB team he played for in 1959, before being traded to the White Sox?? Answer posted!!  

December 9th.. Can you tell us the name of the Southwest Florida born & raised running back who held the Bears rushing record until broken by the great Walter Payton??  Answer posted!!! 

December 2nd.. In the late 1880's the Cubs had a pitcher named Larry Corcoran who threw three no-hitters. Since then, only one Cub pitcher has thrown multiple no-hitters for the Cubs. Can you name him?? Then tell us what team he was traded to where he went on to pitch for three World Series Champions.. Answer posted!! 

November 25th.. The Chicago Bulls with Bob Love from 1968 to 1976 had some of its best teams. During those years Love averaged over 21 points  with over 8 rebounds a game. Can you tell us who coached Bob Love, the number (now retired) he wore & further tell us the colorful nickname he was known by to his fans?? Answer posted!!! 

November 18th.. In 1992 a book titled "The Case for those Overlooked by Baseball's Hall of Fame" named 32 MLB's overlooked by the Hall of Fame. Four Chicago MLB players who were named in book eventually made to the Hall.. Can you name them??  Answer posted!!! 

November 11th.. Johnny "Red" Kerr was one of Chicago's greatest High School basketball players of all time. He also was named to University of Illinois "All Century Team" & the 3 time NBA All Star was named NBA Coach of the Year in 1967. Red also was the play by play announcer for the Bulls from 1975 to 2008. Can you tell us what Chicago high school    "Red" Kerr played for & also what team in the NBA drafted him in the first round in 1954??  Answer posted in Info/FAQ!!! 

November 3rd.. He came to the White Sox in a trade for Joe Tipton in 1949. As a White Sox, he appeared in 12 All Star games and was the AL MVP in the Sox championship year of 1959.  The White Sox retired his number in 1976. Name this White Sox great & tell us what number he wore as a player??  Answer posted!!! 

October 28th.. "Red Grange" the "Galloping Ghost" as a high school athlete @ Wheaton High lettered twelve times playing football, baseball, basketball & track. In college he led the Fighting Illini to several victories & as a pro drew huge crowds playing for the Bears. In 2008 he was named the greatest all-time college athlete by ESPN and the Big Ten Network named him it's greatest Icon in 2011. Can you tell us what job Red Grange did to earn extra money while in high school & college that also build up his strength for athletics??   Answer posted!!!   

October 21st.. Can you tell us the name of the Chicago Blackhawk defenseman who during his career played 1,343 regular season games, was a member of the 1961 Stanley Cup team and was nicknamed "Elbows".  Answer posted!!

October 14th.. Scottie Pippen for most of his career played in the shadow of the great Michael Jordan. However, Scottie had a outstanding career himself scoring 18,940 points, 7,494 rebounds & recorded 6,135 assists. One NBA record he did achieve alone was the NBA award he earned eight years in a row. Name that award??  Answer posted!! 

October 7th.. "Kid K", Kerry Woods pitched for the Chicago Cubs & shares the single game strike-out record with what other MLB pitcher? Also, tell us how many strike-outs recorded & against what team??  The feat occurred in Kerry's rookie season, 1998!!  Answer posted!! 

September 30th.. "Mr. Cub", Ernie Banks is a household name in Chicago.  He is one of Chicago's most honored athletes. Ernie was a 2 time MVP, a member of MLB's All-Century Team & inducted into MLB Hall of Fame in 1977. Can you tell us how many times Ernie appeared in All Star games, what years he won the MVP and what professional basketball team he played for before becoming a Chicago Cub??  Answer in one week!!  

September 23rd.. The Outland Trophy is College Football's award for the best lineman of year. Two of the1st three players to be given this award were Notre Dame linemen who were born & raised in Chicago. Can you name these Chicago athletes and further tell what teams they played for in the NFL??  Answer posted!!

September 16th.. Can you tell us the name of the Chicago athlete who was the 1st player ever to invoke MLB's no trade rule?? Hint, it happened in the 1970's.. Answer posted!!!  

September 9th.. Can you tell us the name of the last Chicago Bear player from the 1985 Super Bowl to leave the team??  Hint he played with the Bears until 1995. ALSO.. tell us what Bear records this player set during his career?? Answer posted!!!  

September 2nd.. Can you name the six Notre Dame QB's who have been nicknamed ND's Italian Generals??  Answer posted!! 

August 26th.. Can you name the Chicago born athlete who was the last MLB pitcher to win thirty games in a season?? Answer posted!!  

August 19th.. Can you name the five Chicago Cub Managers who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame?? Note: Two were inducted into the Hall for their achievements as a player.. Answer posted!! 

August 12th.. Jim McMahon, the "Punky QB" lead the Bears during the it's Super Bowl XX victory in 1986.. Jim was a 2 time All-American at BYU and in1999, was inducted into College Football's Hall of Fame. Can you tell us the names of the six other NFL teams Jim played for during his NFL career?? Answer posted!!

August 5th.. He was born & raised on the Southside of Chicago & his father was a boxer who fought Joe Louis. His sport however was baseball and he excelled as a collage All American for the University of Texas. He was drafted by the White Sox in 1983, but played mostly in the minors. He excelled as a coach and was mentor to Cy Young greats Roger  Clemons, Andy Pettitte & David Price. Oral Hersberger calls him the "Master Class Coach" & Joe Madden says he's the "Pied Piper". Can you name this Chicagoan who made it big in MLB?  Answer posted!!    

July 29th.. Stanislav "Stan" Mikita was a Chicago Blackhawk fan favorite for several years. Stan & his teammate Bobby Hull gave the Hawks a one-two punch that gave their NHL rivals a tough combo to beat. Stan was considered the best Center of his time, and his line which included Wingers Kenny Wharram & Ab McDonald was considered by all NHL fans as one of the best of all time.. Can you tell us the nickname of this line & also tell us the names of the three NHL trophies Stan Mikita won in the same year in the sixties?? A feat, only he holds.  Answer posted!!   

July 22.. The Chicago Bulls were granted a NBA franchise in 1966 as the Bulls. Prior to that, the Bulls were known as the Chicago Stags & later the Zephyrs. Can you tell the name of the Bulls original owner and further tell us what college did he play for during his All-American college career?? Answer posted!!! 

July 15th.. The Fridge,, also known as William Perry was a Chicago Bear player for nine seasons. He was an entertaining part of the great 1985 Super Bowl team. Can you tell us how many touchdowns he scored for the Bears during the 1985 season and further tell us the nickname given to him by his team mate Dan Hampton?? Answer posted!! 

July 8th.. Since 1983, MLB has awarded Manager of the Year awards to both the National & American Leagues best Managers. Eight times,,  Managers from the Sox & Cubs have won this award. Can you name these eight Chicago Managers & the years they won the award??  Hint,, five were White Sox & three were Cubs.. Answer posted!!

July 1st.. The greatest basketball player of all time many say is the great Chicago Bull Michael Jordan. "MJ" holds several NBA records including the NBA regular season scoring record of 30.12 points per game & the NBA playoff scoring record @ 33.45 points per game. Five time MVP and 10 NBA scoring titles. Can you tell us where Michael was born, his present occupation and what declaration Forbes Magazine made about him in a article in 2003??  Answer posted!!!  

June 24th.. The very popular basketball coach Ray Meyer coached the DePaul Blue Demons  to 724 wins over 42 years. During those years he compiled 37 winning seasons including 21 post season appearances. He won one NIT tourney and made the final four to two NCAA tourney's. Can you tell us the year Ray Meyer's team won the NIT tourney and also tell us where Ray played his college ball??  Answer posted!!!  

June 17th.. Name the six time All Star Chicago Cub player who was also a manager for the Chicago White Sox??  Answer posted!!! 

June 10th.. Can you tell us the name of the Chicago Bear Hall of Famer who won a MVP trophy for the Rose Bowl and also played outfield for the New York Yankee's??  Answer Posted!!

June 3rd.. Can you name the Chicago Blackhawk player who in different years played in the Canada Cup for both Canada & the USA?? Posted!! 

May 27th.. Can you tell us the four Chicago Bull players who have had their uniform retired & tell us the numbers?? Answer posted!!! 

May 20th.. Mike Ditka is one of Chicago's Icon's. During his career as a Bear, Eagle & Cowboy in the NFL he was named All Pro five times & played in five Pro Bowls. He was Rookie of the Year, and named to the NFL and College Hall of Fame's. He was an All-American @ the University of Pittsburgh, and has the distinction of earning three Super Bowl rings as a Player, Assistant Coach & Head Coach. He's also is a member of the "Polish Hall of Fame".  Can you tell us Coach Mike's birth name and his home town prior to Chicago?? Answer posted!!  

May 13th.. The Chicago Blackhawks was one of the original teams in the NHL. Can you tell us the name of the original owner of the Blackhawks who guided the franchise from 1926 to 1944. Also,, tell us why he named his franchise the "Blackhawks"?? Answer posted in FAQ/Info!!! 

May 6th.. Ernie Banks was one of the greatest MLB players of all time. Ernie was nicknamed "Mr Cub" & always was a delight for Cub fans during his career which began in 1953 & ended in 1971. Can you tell us what years Ernie won the NL MVP & Golden Glove awards. Also tell us how many years was Ernie named to the All Star game?? Answer posted!! 

April 29th.. In 1953 Chicago legend Johnny Lattner won the Heisman Trophy playing football for Notre Dame. After college he was drifted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and in his rookie & only pro season racked up 1000 all-purpose yards and was named to the Pro Bowl. Due to the Draft, he spent two years in the U.S. Air Force. While playing football for the USAF, he sustained a career ending knee injury. Johnny was well known in Chicago as a restaurant owner & leader of the annual downtown St Patrick's parade. Can you tell us the "phrase" used by ND Coach Frank Leahy to describe Lattner's play in Time Magazines cover story in 1953?   Answer posted!!!     

April 22nd.. In 1923 this Chicago female athlete won the National Amateur Golf Championship. One year later she won the Women's Western Open. On August 25th,1924 she became the 1st ever female & golfer to be on the cover of "Time Magazine". Can you name this Chicago socialite/athlete & also tell us the catchy nickname given to her by the sports media?? Answer in FAQ/Info posted!!!  

April 15th.. Can you name the Joliet born & raised basketball legend who attended high school & collage in Chicago, was named to the All-Time 50 Greatest Basketball Players list & appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated with basketball greats Shaquille O'Neal & Kareem Abdul Jabbar in 1996?? Also, tell us his NBA retired uniform number & what schools he attended in Chicago?? Answer posted!!      

April 8th.. Luis "Little Louie" Aparicio was a fan favorite of Chicago White fans for many years, During his career he stole 318 bases. However, Louie does not hold the "All Time" White Sox record for stolen bases.. Who does hold that record?? Answer posted!!

April 1st.. Chicago born & Mt Carmel athlete Chris Chelios holds the Chicago Blackhawk record of most penalty minutes (1,495 PIM) of all time..  Can you tell us what other all time NHL record Chris holds as well??  He is also tied with what great NHL player for the most seasons played (26) in the NHL,, name that player?? Also, can you tell us the four NHL teams Chris Chelios played for in his career? Answer posted!!       

March 25th.. Tell us which Chicago Cub player was nicknamed the "Gerbil"? Then tell us in what year this same Cub was named MLB NL Manager of the Year? Finally,, tell us the names of the thirteen MLB teams he played with or coached in his 65 years of being in professional baseball??  Answer posted !!  

March 18th.. Can you name the Chicago Bear who holds a record for being voted onto the NFL Pro Bowl defensive team ten times during his career?? Then tell us which three Bears were named MVP of Pro Bowls over the years?? Answer posted!! 

March 11th.. Can you give us the names of the three Chicago Blackhawks who made up the "Million Dollar Line"?? Then tell us in what year this line lead the Hawks to being the Stanley Cup Champs?? Answer posted!!!

March 4th.. The 1963 Loyola University of Chicago Rambler basketball team won the NCAA National Championship..  In 2013, this same Loyola team, was inducted into College Basketball's "Hall of Fame". Can you tell us the names of the five starters for Loyola who where on that championship team & which of those starters shot the game winning points to upset Cincinnati in the title game??  Answer posted!!   

February 25th.. Can you name the Chicago Bear that has a major College Award named after him, was a charter member of the NFL Hall of Fame, was named to Sports Illustrated "NCAA All Century Team" & the NFL's 75th Anniversary "All Pro Team"??  Answer posted!!! 

February 18th.. The last MLB World Series in Chicago was the 2005 Chicago White Sox against the Houston Astros. The Sox won all four games.. Can you name the starting lineup for the Sox in game one of the series & then tell us the names of the four winning pitchers of each Sox win??  Answer posted!!  

February 11th.. The original NFL was founded in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association. In 1922, the new league changed it name to the National Football (NFL). Only two of the original sixteen teams from the original 1920 charter members remain in the NFL. Can you name these two teams?? Answer posted in Info/FAQ!!  

February 4th.. Michael Jordan is considered by all to be the best Chicago Bull player of all-time. Many consider him to also be the best NBA player of all time. Tell us how many times did Michael Jordan lead the NBA in scoring & in what years was he named the NBA's MVP??  ALSO,, can you name the four Chicago Bull coaches that were named NBA Coach of the Year?? Answer posted!!! 

January 28th.. The Chicago Cubs over the years had many great players, seven of whom having been named NL-MVP.. Can you name these seven MVP Cubs & then tell us the four Cubs who have won the Cy Young Award for pitching??   Answer posted!!! 

January 21st.. The Chicago Blackhawks over the years have been fortunate to have some of the best NHL goalies, many of whom are in the NHL Hall of Fame.. Can you name the Hall of Fame goalie that holds the Blackhawk record for the most wins in a season & was one of only two hockey players who have won a Stanley Cup, NCAA championship & Olympic Gold Medal during their careers. Finally, tell us the name of the other NHL player who can also brag about winning these three athlete achievements?? Answer posted!!! 

 January 14th.. On September 22, 1927 in Chicago,, the famed "Long Count" heavyweight boxing championship was held before a record boxing crowd in Soldiers Field. Can you tell us the names of the two Boxing Hall of Fame fighters who participated in this bout, what round was the "Long Count", who won the bout, & what two boxing records were broke?? Also tell us the name of the famous Chicago personality who bet $50,000.00 on one of the boxers?? Answer posted!!!     

January 7th..The Chicago Bears have several players whose uniform numbers have been retired. Two Bears, both in the NFL Hall of Fame not only had their Bear numbers retired, they also are the only two players   from their college that had their college numbers retired as well. Both played for the same college team. Name these two great Bear players??    ALSO.. tell us the names of the only two Bear players whose Bear uniform numbers are retired, but are not in the NFL Hall of Fame?? Answer posted!!!


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