Chicago Police of SW Florida

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ABBATE, Carmen, resides in North Fort Myers

AHERN, James,resides in Sebring FLorida

ALJINOVIC, Frank, resides in Marco Island Florida

ANDERSON, Bob resides in Cape Coral, Florida 

ANDERSON, Ron, Treasure Island, Fl, Unit 630, 2002 

ANTONICK,Bill, resides in Cape Coral, FLorida

ARGENTINE, Frank, resides in Largo Fla SA Ofc 

AUGLE, Ed, resides in Naples, Florida

BALLONE, Vince, resides in Ft Myers, Florida 

BARNAS, Ken, resides in Ft Myers, Florida 

BARTHEL, Don, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

BARTHEL, Mike, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

BASKETFIELD, Bill, resides in Englewood Florida

BATASTINI, Tom, resides in  No Ft Myers, Florida 

BENINGO,Diana, resides in Cape Coral, Florida

BERRY, Joe, resides in Lehigh Acres, Fla, retired 2012, Unit 176

BERTI, Cliff, Bonita Springs, Fl, retired Narcotics, 1994

BLAAUW,Wesley, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

BLAKE, Ron & Maureen, reside in Ft Myers,, 016th Dist, 2013 

BOCIAN,Dave,,resides in Largo, Florida

BOTWINSKI, Joe, Cape Coral, Florida, retired A/4 VC, 2004

BOWERS,Larry  Ft Myers, Florida, retied DD HQ, 2004

BROWN, Harold, Ft Lauderdale, FLorida, retired Det, 2001

BURKE, Ken, Ft Myers, Fl, retired A/2 Youth, 2011

CAPLIS, Ray resides in Ft Myers, Florida

CARIOSCA,John, Cape Coral, Fl, retired 024 District, 2004

CARR, Phil, resides in St Petersburg, Florida

CARROL, Gerry, resides Ft Myers, retired 2011, Captain 

CAREY, Frank, Ft Myers, retired TA 1, 1985 

CARTER,James, resides in Punta Gorda, Florida

CASALE, Phil, resides in Naples, Florida

CASEY, Jerry, resides in Estero Florida

CASSIDY, Jim, Ft Myers, Florida,reitried Area 1 VC, 2001 

CASSIDY, Joe, resides in Cape Coral, Florida

CEFFALIO, Paul, resides in Clearwater, Florida

CHIGAROS,Kathy,resides in Ft Myers Beach, Florida       

CLANCY, Pat, resides in Ft Myers, Florida 

CLARKE, Pat, Ft Myers, Fl, retired 022 Dist, 2004 

CLINE, Phil, Ft Myers, Fl, Superindendant, retired 2004

COLLINS, Denny, resides in Ft Myers Beach Florida

CORBOY, Dan, resides in Naples, FLorida,

COCORAN, John, Cape Coral, Fl, retired A/5 PC, 2002

COURCHENE, Greg, resides in Marco Island, Florida

CRONK, Ginny, resides in Ft Myers, Florida  midway a/port  

DALY, Chuck, Clearwater, Florida, retired 2004, 018th Dist

DALY, Eileen, resides in Cape Coral, Florida

DANIELSON, Elwood, , resides in Charlotte Hts, F

DeFRANCISCO, Rich, Ft Myers, Fl, retired 009th Dist, 1990

DEGRYCE,Jim resides in Sarasota, Florida

DEL BIANCO, Ron, resides in Cape Coral Florida

DeLOUGHERY, Dorie, ,resides in Cape Coral, Florida

DEVINE, Ed, , resides in Ft Myers Beach, Florida

DeYOUNG,Darryl, ,resides in Cape Coral, Florida

DICKSON, Ed, resides in Lake Wales, Fl, retired 2004, A/5

DILLON, Jim , resides Bokeelia,Florida 

DiMaggio,Nick&Debbie, Ft Myers Fl, retired 022                                          

DOMANSKI, John & Kathy, , resides in Ft Myer

DUFFIN, Mike, Naples, Fl, retired A/4 VC, 2001

DUFFING,Bob & Nancy resides in Cape Coral, Florida

DUFFY, Bill, resides in North Ft Myers, Florida

DUFFY, John, , resides in North Ft Myers, Florida

DUGAN, Dan,  Ft Myers Beach, Fl, retired 050, 2010

EGAN, Bill, ,resides in Estero, Florida

EVOY, Tom, ,resides in Clearwater, Florida    

FARAGOI TOM, resides in Ft Myers, Florida retired 1994 021

FENNESSEY JIM resides in Sarasota, Florida 

Fera, Mike,, resides Baca Raton,Florida

Fitzgibbons, Jim, resides in Punta Gorda, Florida 

FLEMING, Mike, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

FLOOD, Bob, ,resides in Naples, Florida

FLOOD, Tom, Naples, FL, retired 2010, Fanancial Crimes

FRANCIS, Neil, ,resides in Cape Coral, Florida

FREDERICH, Art, , resides in North Ft Myers, Florida

FREEBURG, Tim, reisides in Palm City, Florida

FUJARA, "Fugi" Bob, resides in Naples, Florida, retired 2017, A/4 PC

FULLA, Mark, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

GALEY, Charles, resides in Naples, Florida

GARRIDO, John, Ft Myers Fl, retired Narco Unit, 2004

GARRITY, Patrick,  Ft Myers, Fl, retired A/5 Youth, 2005 

GERWIG, Bobby, ,resides in Ft Myers, Florida 

GLADDEN, Jerry, resides in Clearwater, Florida

GRANIUS, Tom, ,resides in Ft Myers, Florida

GRANT, Jim, ,resides in Naples, Florida 

GRAY, Dennis, ,resides in Palmetto, Florida

GREEN, Dick, resides in Clearwater, Florida

GRIMM, Vic,  Rotundo, Fl, retired from 020 Distr

GRZYBOWSKI,Wayne, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

GURGONE, Frank, Ft Myers, Fl, retired Mounted Unit, 2000

GUTHRIE, Bob, resides in Sarasota, Florida

HAIDINYAK, Frank, ,resides in Ft Myers Beach, Florida

HALTEK,Steve, resides in Cape Coral, Florida

HARRISON,Pete, Cape Coral, Fl, Postal Inspector, retired 2000  

HARTFORD,Maureen, ,resides in Bonita Spring, Florida

HASTINGS, John, resides in Punta Gorda, Florida

HEIMANN, Ken,,resides in Cape Coral, Florida 

HEINRICH, Dick, resides in Naples, Florida

HEIST, Larry "Doc", resides in Ft Myers, Florida                   

HERMAN, Bob,,resides in Clearwater

HOOGLAND, Bill,, Estero, Fl, retired from ERP, in 1992 

HOSTY, Pat, Cape Coral, Florida retired A/4, 2002  

HOWARD,Jan, resides in Bokeelia, Florida

HUGHES, Mike, resides in Ft Myers, FLorida

JACOBS, Mike,resides in Pineland, Florida

JANDA, John,, resides in Clearwater, Florida

JONES, Robert,, Villages, Florida, retired Missing Persons, 1993

JUCHA, Wally,resides in Cape Coral, Florida

KALAS, Dan, resides in Cape Coral, Florida

KELLAM, P. J. resides in Ft Myers, Florida, Unit 004, 2007

KELLY, Ron, resides in Cape Coral, Unit 010, Commander, States Attny Investigators, 2010                                         

KELLY, Tom, resides in Naples, Florida

KERSTING, Bruce, resides in Cape Coral, Florida

KEILY,Jack, resides in Naples

KIRCHNER, Bob, resides in Indian Shore Fl retired VCD-2012

KNIGHTLY, Jim, Ft Myers Beach, Fl, Unit 001, 2007 

KOLB, John, , resides in Clearwater, Florida 

KOSTRO, Dennis, resides in St Petersburg, Florida

KOUCHOUKOS, Andy, Cape Coral, Fl, retired Area 5, 1998

KUCHAR, Don, resides in  Cape Coral

LAGROW, Jerry resides in Ft Myers Beach, Florida

LASSANDRello, Frank, resides in Cape Coral, retired 1982, Intel 

LAUGHRAN, Tom  resides in Naples, Florida 

LUEMEN, Rick, Ft Myers, Fl, retired Police Academy, 2010

MACK, Ernie, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

MAGLIANO, Mike, Ft Myers Beach, retired 005th Dist, 2005 

MAJCHER,Jerry, ,resides in Cape Coral, Florida

MALONEY, Mike, St Petersburg Fl, retired A/1 PC, 2000

MANOS, John, Ft Myers Beach Fl, retired 2012, A/5 VC

MARCELAK, Ted,  resides in Cape Coral, Florida

MARIBUI, Tony, resides in Venice, Florida                       

MASNJAK, Don,, reides in Ft Myers, Florida 

MASONICK, Greg, resides in Port Charlotte, Florida

MAROSE, Bill, Ft Myers Beach, retired CPD Lt  2010

MAYS, George, resides Ft Myers, Florida

McAULIFF, Ed & Joyce, ,resides in Cape Coral, Florida

McQUAID, Mick, Ft Myers, Fl, retired A/2 Youth, 2003

McSHARRY, Tom,, resides in Ponce Inlet, Florida

McWEENY, Dan,, Ft Myers, Fl, retired A/4 VC, 1999

MEDICI,Sal, resides in San Carlos Pk, Flor

MILLER, Ray, resides in Ft Myers Beach, Florida 

MINOGUE, Jim, resides in North Ft Myers, Florida

MORAN, Patrick,, Cape Coral, Fl, retired Crime Lab, 2008

MORGAN, Wally,, resides in Ft Myers, Florida 

MORICI, Joe, Ft Myers, Fl, retired Mounted Unit, 1994

MOSS,Dennis,  Edgewater,Florida, retired 2000, 022th District 

MURPHY, Bob, resides in  Naples, Florida

MURRAY, John, Cape Coral, Fl, retired A/3 SVU, 2007

MURRAY, Mickey,  Ft Myers, Beach, Fl, Narcotic

NAVIA, Max, Pine Island, Florida, retired 004th District, 2000 

NEARY, Pete, ,resides in Ft Myers Beach, Florida

NELLIGAN, Frank, Ft Myers Beach, Fl, 003 District, 2001 

NOLIN John, resides in Tampa, Florida 

NOON, Dan, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

NOWAK, Phil, ,resides in Bonita Springs, Florida

O"BRIEN,Bob, resides in Naples, Florida

O"MALLEY, William, , resides in Ponte Verde, Florida

OBERTS, Jim, ,resides in Naples, Florida 

OLIVERI, Ed, resides in Bonita Springs, Florida 

ONESTO, Phillip, resides in Port Charlotte, Florida

PACOUREK, Don, resides in North Ft Myers, Florida

PACYNA, Chester, resides in Bokeelia, Florida

PACZKOWSKI, Bob,  Cape Coral, Fl, retired Unit 701, 2010

PALMERI, George, , Clearwater, Florida

PASKO, Stan, Bonita Springs Fl, retired 025 Dist, 2004

PETRY, Richard & Diane, Cape Coral Fl, retired US Postal, 2011

PINZINE, Bob, resides in Avon Park, Florida

PISTERZI, Henry,,resides in Venice, Florida 

POHALIK, Pete, Ft Myers, Fl, retired Animal Care, 1998 

POVILAITIS, Bob,  Naples, Florida, retired Detective Division, 2006

POVOLO, Jim, Key Colony Brach, Fl, retired 016th Dist 2006 

PUTTIN, Mike, Naples Florida, retired A/4 DD, 2004

PYRCIOCH, Ed, Largo, Florida, retired CPD in 1999 

RACE, Larry, Cape Coral, Fl, retired Unit 701, 1997  

RADECKI, Dick, resides in Cape Coral, Florida

RAINES, Ron, resides in Clearwater, Florida, 

RESENDEZ, Jesse, ,resides in Marco Island, Florida

REYNOLDS, Bill, Sanibal, Fl, retired 025th District, 2005

REYNOLDS, Tom, Cape Coral, Fl, retired Crime Lab, 1999 

RICCO, Richard,,resides in Clearwater, Florida 

RIZZO, Ronald, resides in Naples, Florida

RODRIQUEZ, Matt. resides in Naples, retired Supt of Police

RODRIQUEZ, Cindy, resides in Cape Coral, retired 2012 A/5 Youth

RODRIQUEZ, Mike, resides in Cape Coral, retired in 2012, 014th District

RYBICKI, Richard, Cape Coral, Fl, retired A/3 VC, 2006

SAICH, George, resides in Sarasota, Florida

SALVATORE, Chuck & Patty, Ft Myers, 1998/2004 Sgt & Youth Division 

SAN FILLIPPO, Steve, ,resides Ft Myers, Florida

SAVICKAS, Chris, ,resides in Cape Coral, Florida

SAXON, Lou,resides in Cape Coral, Florida 

SCALISE, Tony, ,resides in Ft Myers, Florida

SCATCHELL, John, resides in Hallendale, Florida

SCARNAVACK, Al, resides in Naples, CPD & ASA retired 1999 

SCHULTZ, John, resides in Ft Myers Beach Florida

SCHWARTZ, Ed, resides in North Ft Myers, Florida

SEUFFER, Bill, resides Clermont, Florida, retired, 012th Dist 

SELKE,Jerry,resides in Ft Myers, Florida 

SHANAHAN, Pat, resides in Cape Coral, Florida

SHANNON, Tom, resides in Clearwater, Florida

SHAUGNESSY, John, resides in Ft Myers Florida

SHAW, Ann, Dunedin, Fl, retired A/5 Youth in 2005 

SHEA, Tom, resides in Naples, Florida

SHINE, Tom, Naples, Florida, retired 1998, A/2 V.C.

SHOGREN, Ron, resides in Clearwater, Florida

SIMS, Frank, resides in Ft Myers Beach, Florida

SLEICHERT, Jim, resides in Venice, Florida

SPALLA, John, resides in Ft Myers, Florida, 

STEIN, Richard,,resides inFt Myers, Florida

STEINMEIER, Art, resides in Largo Fl, retired CPD  

STELLA, John, resides in Fort Myers, Florida

STENSON, Joe, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

STEWART, Jack & Joyce, ,resides in Sunrise, Fl

STOUT, John, Bonita Springs, Fl, retired Crime Lab, 2000

STUBBS, Calvin, Poinciana, Fl, retired 001 Tactical, 1998

STRUGALA, Tom,  St James City, Florida

SULLIVAN, Mike, resides in LeHigh Acres, Florida

SZELUGA,Rich, resides in Venice, Florida  

THIEDE, Roland, Punta Gorda, Fl, A/4 VC, 1993  

THOMAS,Bill,,resides in Ft Myers, Florida 

THOMPSON, Tom, resides in Estero, Florida

THULIS, John J., Sarasota, Fl, retired Unit 152, 1997 

TRACEY, Bob, Cape Coral, Fl, retired Unit 601, 1999 

TYSKA, Chester, resides in Ft Myers, Florida

UTZ, Charles Sr. , resides in St Pete Fl, retired from 017 

UTZ, Charles Jr. resides in Ft Myers, Florida, 012, 2012 

VANEK, Ed, Cape Coral, Fl, Unit 146 (MAIS) in 1996 

VITAIOLI, Paul & Kathy, resides in Cape Coral, Florida

WALLS, John, Ft Myers, Fl, retired Unit 057, 2002 

WALSH, Bob, , resides in Naples,

WARD, Tom, resides in Moore Haven, Florida

WARNKE, Bob & Terry, ,Del Ray Beach,Florida 

WEBER, Rich, Ft Myers Fl, retired A/5 PC, 1998

WELBEL, David, Estero, Fl, retired 024th Dist, 2013

WILLIAMS, Vern, resides in Naples, Florida 

WOJTOWICZ, Lou, Venice, Fl, retired from Area 6 Violent Crimes,  20

ZAFLRIS, Chris, resides in Ft Myers, 020 District 

ZOLLER, Dick, ,resides in Cape Coral, Florida

ZURAWSKI, Jim ,resides in Cape Coral, Florida 














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