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Next CPD Luncheon will be APRIL 5th, @ 1PM @ the Cop Shop 822 SE 46th Lane in Cape Coral. Phone 239-549-7223!!

All retired & active CPD, family, friends or neighbors are welcome!!

                                             CHICAGO CPD EVENT DATES 

April 3rd.. White Sox Opener vrs the Tigers @ Sox Park!! 

April 10th.. Cubbie Home Opener vrs Dodgers @ Wrigley Field (Good luck getting tickets)

April 12th.. Cubbie Championship Ring Game vrs Dodgers @ Wrigley!!

April 17th,, CPD Golf League begins @ Waters Edge in Worth Il,, Dues $80,, contact Bob Baikie or Johnny Lee to join up for the 2017 season!!!

April 27th.. CPD Retirement Board Meeting @ 9am @ Main Office 221 N LaSalle #1626     

                                                 FLORIDA GAME WATCH

The Blackhawks Stanley Cup Playoff games begin mid-April on Cable TV -  Check local paper

All Florida Sox & Cub games home & away broadcasted on Florida Sports TV.. 

All Sox & Cubs games also on for a fee..  

                                                NEWS FROM BACK HOME!!

Some good news from Chi-town,, Murder rate down a little, 10 less homicides reported from last years 1st quarter massacre totals.. The  CPD Johnson brothers getting a lot of credit for the dip in Murders. The two brothers,, Kevin & Ken Johnson are CPD Commanders of Englewood & Harrison Districts where the Murder rate dropped from last year.. Good Job Guys,, let hope it continues.. Some Pol's want tax-payer money to help bring down the crime rate. How that will work,, we're not sure but all will be watching this idea real close, especially the Feds..  The morale of the CPD continues to be at a all-time low.

The latest stupidity,, some folks want the public to believe it's the CPD at fault for the high number of shootings. We say it's the non-support of the CPD by Press & Pols with the gang-bangers shooting each other with little fear of being prosecuted. That is the real reason for the spike in violence last year.. For sure,, this spike will continue, until the powers to be wake up & see the real problem. All good citizens need to get behind the CPD to go after the gang-bangers to curb the violence..          

In 2016 the murder fest in Chicago had ended with over 780 homicides reported with over 4000 shot & wounded.. Chicago is a national disgrace. CBS Sixty Minutes ended its broadcast season with a special report blaming the CPD for the massacre. Clear-ups, arrests & police stops are way down from previous years. Of course no reporting on "WHY" these stats are down.. With the continuing bad mouthing of CPD by the press, law suits, no support from the bosses & super low morale of the rank & file,, its a small miracle that any work by the CPD is happening. The Lib Pols & there media cronies need to wake up & realize their political agenda along with dope dealing gang-bangers who no-longer fear the CPD, are the real reason for this massacre.  Stay safe CPD,, remember your primary duty is go home to your family after end of watch!!    

The clear up rate still @ only 21%. Not good,, in our time the clear up rate was always over 75%. That's a big drop-off. One of the reasons for the low clear up is the city using less Detectives to work on the unsolved murders. NYPD & LAPD Detective Staffs are @ 18% of the total force. Chicago is only using 8% of it sworn Officers to be Detectives. It saves the city money, but at what cost to the families of the murder victims. 

Mayor Rahm continues to stand by his claim that Chicago will be a "SANCTURY CITY" and that he will fight newly elected Donald Trump when he comes after Mayors & cities that harbor convicted criminals who also are illegally living in the USA.. Keep tuned for this one guys,, for sure it going to get nasty & it will be a classic standoff of reasonable government versus politically correct bullshit.                   

The weather in Chi-town continues to be a little chilly,, but we all know that the warm is on the way when you hear about the Annual St Jude Parade downtown..  ALSO "Opening Day" @ Sox & Cub park!! A new item at Wrigley this year.. The Ricketts boys have been busy building "Wrigley Plaza" just outside the ballpark.. Its a four story building containing shops & a tavern/restaurant.. Early photos look spectacular.. Wrigley & the Cubs have come a long way since the Ricketts family took over.. Just a note,, the Rickett that started it all is retired & living in Naples..

SAD NOTE,, Chicago bar owner "Donnie Kruse" has died @ a young 57 years of age.. Lots of the guys stopped after watch to his saloon "Stanley's Tap" located at Armitage & Lincoln.. Donnie was a good guy & he will be missed.. 

OTHER NEWS.. The Bears hired NFL QB Mark Sanchez for the 2017 season, its a one year deal.. Lets hope Mark can make it happen..  GOOD LUCK to both the Cubs & Sox this year & to our Blackhawks who will begin Stanley Cup playoff action in April.   

POLITICAL NEWS... Big controversy over National Chains Whole Foods @ Madison & Kedzie & CVS in Englewood getting very large "Tax-Breaks" to set up business in these area's. Both closed down after a short period of time and the big debate is "Why"..  Mayor Rahm & the local Pols in for more grief after announcing its "BAG TAX".. Get this one guys,, there is now a 7 cent tax on each bag used when you go shopping.. It's up to the retailers to impose the tax & Jewel, CVS, Osco & Walgreens say they will pass the tax on to shoppers.. When will it end?? Who knows!!

Jesse Jr back in the news again,, he was at court with his Attorneys fighting child support payments demanded by his ex.. He did make a press announcement that he will pay more for his children's support.. MY QUESTION,, why did it take so long for Jr. to anti-up for his kids. Did any of the Judges rulings have anything to do with it??  OTHER NEWS,, Jimmy Buffet fans,, he'll be back in Chicago,, in July to perform @ Wrigley Field.. Should be another sell-out.. If you can't make it,, maybe you can catch him @ his restaurant in Key West & have a few beers with him in Paradise!!!           

Latest nonsense,, California talking about becoming a "SANCTURY STATE". Illinois Senator Dickie Durbin & Rahm continues to go in  that direction too. Durbin also has announced he'll vote agaist Trump's pick for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.. However there's hope.. The Donald is taking on the dishonest press & Lib Democrats & not backing down to unfair criticism. ALSO,, Texas has announced "no" Sanctuary Cities in their state.. Chicago Tribune Reporter John Kass wrote a good article praising the President.. Lets hope this trend is the start of "Making America Great Again!!         

Mayor Rahm still in control in Chi-town,, but a lot of folks are not happy with him. This could be a good time to shake up the system if anyone has the balls to take him on in the next election. With the crime rate at record numbers,, out of control spending,, lost benefit for its workers,, lower bond rating & general dis-content, the mood from many Chicagoan's is "CHANGE".. Maybe some young guy using Throop's campaign phrase "What do you got to lose"  can step in to give Rahm a run for his money.           

LOCALLY.. Still warm & sunny all over SW Florida.. Lots of Chi-town visitors & the bars & restaurants are hopping.. One more month & the snowbirds will begin flying back to Chi-town & other Northern locations. No more traffic jams & long waits @ restaurants. Plenty of good tee-times too.. Hang in there Guys,, won't be long now..   

The FGCU Eagles baseball team is in the NCAA top ten team sporting a twenty game win streak. The Eagles have beaten all three Florida (FSU-Miami U-Florida U) major college teams & are a sure bet to play in the NCAA World Series later this Spring in Omaha.   Plenty of snowbirds coming down for Easter break with lots to do.. Great restaurants offering 2 for 1 & early bird specials all over town. Plenty live & movie theaters offering affordable entertainment as well..  The price of living in Paradise has never been better & as always,, you can't beat the weather!!                         

The Cubs & Sox have announced their 2017 schedule.. The Cubs will be in Miami for a weekend series on July 22, 23, 24 & 25th.. ALSO in St Pete to play the Rays on Sept 19 & 20th.. The Sox will be in St Pete for a three game series on the 6th, 7th & 8th of June.. Times to be announced. The Bears & Notre Dame also will be in Florida for games next season.. Dates to be determined..  

2017 Homicide & Shooting Numbers:  132 Dead,  595 shot & wounded!!                   


        EVERYONE HAVE A HAPPY & SAFE 2017 YEAR!!!   


                                         VIDEOS & PICTURES  

Memorial Day video... check out you tube video>>  

Check out this video on trip to onto   Thanks Denny!!!


Viet Nam Vets,,, check this video out... click on   

Check out new CPD video @   Thanks Pazz!!!     

RETIREMENT LAWSUIT...News from Chi-town.. Pension health care under attack.. Attorney in Chicago putting together class-action law suit.. FOP put up $50,000 & CPD Retiree's put up another $15,000.. If you want in on this suit ($100-$200).. Contact Attorney Clint Krislov @ 312-606-0500 or write him @ 20 N Wacker, Chicago Il 60606!!!   

Great video,,, send in by Bobby Pazz...It's Ronald Reagan,, the guy could really communicate.. click on  Thanks Bob!!!

Funny Video send in by the Bearman..This one is for you on   

GREAT VIDEO...send in by Jimmy Cassidy.. This one is for the guys who served in Nam.. Its a great story of bravery,, check it out @  Thanks Jim!!! 

Check out this Chicago

Check out this sports video sent in by Bob Gerwig-click on   Go full screen!!!          


Pixs of big fire in Bridgeport-click on       


Old pix's of the 1972 United Crash @ Midway sent in by Jim Gorman. click on    Thank Jim, great pix's!!!!   


Old CPD Station Houses-Sent in by John Manos.. Click on      

NEW BOOK OUT.....written by one of our own..It's good reading... Check out the book "To kill a Fox", written by retired CPD J.C. Quinn.. .90 cents on Kindle, $7.99 in paperback @ Amazon or Barnes & Noble!!!  


 PHOTOS OF CPD @ THE NATO SUMMIT..  from Bobby Gerwig.. Thanks Bob!!!                      

VIETNAM.... you guys that were there, check out these great pix's send in by Jimmy Gorman...Always remember, they will always be the best of on                                                                                                                                       




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